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Battle Name : Kinsale

Date(s) : 08 October 1691 - 25 October 1691

Part of : Jacobite Rebellions ,

Outcome : A victory for William lll Army over Irish Garrison

Type of battle : Land, Seige


On the day Cork fell Marlborough despatched his cavalry to begin the investment of Kinsale. The defenders under Colonel Sir Edward Scott, readily gave up the town and retired to the two forts. It was not until the 11th that the guns were finally brought up. The first fort attacked was the 'old' fort which was taken by the Danes under Major-General Tettau first feinting against the weakest part of the walls before a full attack on the strongest part.
All forces were then directed against the new fort. By the 21st two heavy batteries were in position and active and by the 24th significant breaches had been made. The assault planned for the 25th was stopped when the Governor sued for terms. The garrison was allowed to march out with colours flying and safe conduct to Limerick on the 27th.


Kinsale, Southern Ireland (Ireland)