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Review for The K Boats

Author/Director : Don Everitt

Format : Book

If you are at all interested in the development of submarines or simply want to read about the blinkered approach of senior commanders to evidence of failure, here is a book for you. It might however be difficult to obtain a copy published as it was in 1963 by George Harrap and Co. Ltd. The original conception of a fleet submarine required high surface speed at that time, 1915, the only power source available was steam power. All problems stemmed from this fact. The boats had to be big, funnels had to be used, diving became slow and complex. None of the original performance criteria were met but naval staff continued to build ,direct operations in spite of numerous sinkings and near disasters.
The book is incredibly well researched with the author, Don Everitt, being in correspondence with many of the people closely involved. There are also some very good photographs of many of the craft. The narrative flows in a most readable style.
We commend it to you.

Published by : George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1963

Review last updated : 2020-02-17 09:56:06

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