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Featured battle : Tinchebrai

Part of Norman Succession

Date : 28 September 1106

English army under King Henry I were besieging the castle of Tinchebrai when Robert, Duke of Normandy, led his army to its relief. Sides were about even in numbers and similar in composition. The superior tactics of Henry took the day. Robert was captured and spent the remainder of his life [d.1134] in prison.

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British Army of the Rhine, circa 1970

British Army of the Rhine, circa 1970

A selection of re-enactors representing the British Army of the Rhine during the 1970's. They are dressed and equiped for the period in British DPM camouflage, '58 pattern webbing, puttees around the boots, and SLR L1A1 rifles (with the earlier wooden furniture). The uniforms represent various regiments including the Kings Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB), Royal Arillery (RA) and the Parachute Regiment with the classic red beret. He also sports the para smock and Stirling 9mm Sub Machine gun as personal weapon. Members are from The 20th Century Revisited group.

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Taranto and Naval Warfare in the Mediterranean 1940-1945

David Hobbs
This book’s main title is ‘Taranto’ but it is about so much more than that singular action. The whole range of Fleet Air Arm activity in the Mediterranean theatre, 1940-1945, is the real content and a full and fascinating story it is. There are many insights into little known activities especially those where shore based squadrons were supporting the RAF and the troops on the ground in the North African campaign. Readers can expect to have their eyes opened to the real value of the ‘antiquated flying string bag’ the Fairey Swordfish. Although superseded by fast single seater fighters there was always a niche which no other aircraft could fill and consequently they stayed in service for the whole period. An underlying message of the book is that during this period the battleship became obsolete to be replaced by the aircraft carrier. The author draws attention to the political difficulties in the Admiralty, the RAF and the aircraft supply chain which accounted for the necessity of eventually obtaining, by purchase or Lean Lease, American aircraft and American carriers.
Technical detail, personal stories and lots of photographs make this a must have book for readers with many different interests. A jolly good read which we highly recommend.

Seaforth Publishing, 2020

Reviewed : 2021-10-26 10:49:19