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Welcome to Clash of Steel!

Featured battle : Grijon

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 11 May 1809

Part of Soult's force was falling back on Oporto and was caught by part of the main body of the British and Porrtugese force.

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New Model Army 'Lobster Pott' Helmet of the English Civil War period

New Model Army 'Lobster Pott' Helmet of the English Civil War period

This three-barred pott helmet was worn by an harquebusier, a more modern type of cavalryman armoured just with a buff coat, back and breastplate and this type of helmet. It became known as a 'lobster pott' due to the plated rear neck protector and this type of reduced armour protection made it easier for the cavalryman to fire a carbine as well as giving him the greater visibility needed for the faster-paced battlefield of the 17th century.

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Napoleon and the Art of Leadership

William Nester
When I first saw this book I was fearful that it was just another biography of Napoleon. But part of the title ‘the art of leadership’ intrigued me. I was pleased to find that the author stuck faithfully to his brief for at least the first three-quarters of the book. The focus was very clearly on the leadership actions and thinking of Napoleon himself and includes on the way the large amount of advice on leadership he gave to others. The final quarter reverts to more of a biography which perhaps reflects the absence of fresh thinking on Napoleon’s part.
Almost incidentally to the main theme we end up with a rather good biography of this ‘flawed genius’. We see the initial energy and drive of the genius become more and more egocentric until the flaws take over. This narrative flows through the book and beautifully draws out the increasing mismatch between what Napoleon said/wrote and what he did.
It is quite a large book as befits the subject with 395 pages of well written text and with over a hundred further pages of supporting notes.
We highly recommend this book to those who only want a good read about the life of a ‘flawed genius’ and those who want more will get more.

Frontline Books, 2020

Reviewed : 2021-05-07 15:23:33