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Featured battle : Lissa [Vis]

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 13 March 1811

Four British frigates were outnumbered in ships, men and guns [276 to 124]. They succeeded in taking two French frigates and destroying a third.

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Firepower through the ages - English Long Bow - MUR3_ftabow

Firepower through the ages - English Long Bow - MUR3_ftabow

An arrow is loosed from the bow of a member of the York City Levy

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The Cyprus Emergency

Nick van der Bijl
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book covering, as it does, both the political and the military aspects of the Cyprus ‘troubles’ from 1955 to 1974. The narrative flows from event to event with little comment or opinion allowing the reader to understand the series of cause-and-effect which brought the island to its present state. There are three good maps and a set of photographs which well illustrate the text.
I should here declare a deep personal interest as I served in Cyprus during the Emergency, 1958-61, and for a while was part of the security team at Government house. It is a slightly odd experience to look at a photograph in a ‘history’ book and to know that one was there standing in the next room. Also, to read about incidents in which one was involved including the death of a close comrade. The author perfectly captures the changes felt by the ‘boots on the ground’ when Hugh Foot became Governor and Major-General Kendrew was replaced by Major-General Darling as Director of Operations. Although I found that the book was a little uncomfortable in parts to read about intelligence and security failings, all accurately conveyed by the author, which we should have known at the time.
According to my experience the book ‘rings true’ and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in the history of our time and especially all those young National Servicemen who got their knees brown during the Cyprus Emergency.

Pen and Sword Military, 2018

Reviewed : 2018-10-12 12:54:47