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Featured battle : Battle of Lewes

Part of The Baron's War

Date : 14 May 1264

The Baronial force under Simon de Montfort chased the King to Lewes but as battle was joined the Barons were outnumbered by 2 to 1. The out come was mainly determined by a classic case of ill disciplined cavalry, under Prince Edward which might have won the day, charging off the field chasing a relatively small broken wing of the Baronial army. The King's troops who remained lost decisively to Simon's unbroken centre, right wing and reserve. Edward's cavalry returned too late to save the day.

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Inside Yorks Cold War Bunker - radiation detectors

Inside Yorks Cold War Bunker - radiation detectors

Views from a tour around the York Cold War Bunker

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Elizabeth's Sea Dogs and their War against Spain

Brian Best
In Brian Best’s book we have all that the title promises. Taking only 185 pages to cover such a rich history it is necessarily a potted account of all the major figures and events. That said we have a really good cover to cover read which doesn’t leave one feeling short changed although it does arouse interest enough to want to explore particular aspects further. Every reader will get something from this book which provokes interest; for me it was the chapter on Military Elizabethans, the men who fought on land and sea.
The text is complemented with some appropriate illustrations and a brief bibliography.
We commend this book as one to settle down with and enjoy.

Frontline Books, 2021

Reviewed : 2021-03-12 13:47:56