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Featured battle : Erestfer

Part of Second or Great Northern War

Date : 24 January 1702

A Swedish army under Major-General Schlippenbach who was charged with defending Livonia [Latvia], had gone into winter quarters. They were attacked by a Russian army under Count Sheremetev. The Russians were better equipped for winter fighting and were supported by cannon mounted on sledges. The Swedes were heavily defeated, admitting 1000 casualties the Russians claimed 3000.

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Simón Bolívar Monument

Simón Bolívar Monument

The monument in London commemorating Simón Bolívar, the leader of the South American revolutionary forces who gained independence from Spain after a long military struggle for much of that continent. Bolivia is named in his honour.

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Rome at War, Caesar and his Legacy

Gilliver, Goldsworthy & Whitby
A 3 part work covering Caesar's Gallic wars, his civil war, then a study of late Rome in 3rd to 7th centuries
Osprey, Essential Histories, 2005

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