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Featured battle : Battle of Stamford Bridge

Part of War of the Confessor's Succession

Date : 25 September 1066

Harold Godwinson marched the Saxon army from London to Tadcaster in six days. Without pausing he marched on through York and took Hardrada and Tostig by surprise. An attempted defence of the Derwent crossing soon failed and battle was begun. The combat was long and hard but eventually the Saxon's succeeded. Only 24 ships were needed to carry the survivors of the Norse army which had arrived in 300 ships.

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The Newcastleton detachment, 4th Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 1914

The Newcastleton detachment, 4th Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 1914

A photograph exhibited in the Liddesdale Heritage Centre, Newcastleton showing the Territorials of the 4th KOSB with the caption "The territorials, under the command of Major Cochrane, on parade in Douglas Square before leaving for active service in the 1914-18 war". Alongside the photograph, which incidentally includes the photographer's grandfather, is the following list of those pictured (Left to right): Andrew Jardine, Billy Crozier, David Robson, Frank Cowan, Jock Elliot, Tom Elliot, George Nicholson, Hugh Adamson, Johnnie Hogg, Jim Armstrong, Wattie Elliot, Major Cochrane (officer in front), Sandy Elliot, Jock Holliday, Barton Robson, David Oliver, Willie Thompson, Jimmy Foster, Tom Ewart, Alex Inglis, Thomas Inglis, Wull Little.

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The Very Thing

Jonathan Crook
The title neatly sums up my opinion of this book it is the very thing for anyone with a keen interest in Napoleonic soldiering. Part of the long military history of the Royal Welch Fusiliers is told through the memoirs of Drummer Richard Bentinck from 1807 to 1823. The story travels from Copenhagen to North America to the Peninsular and finally to Waterloo and the occupation of France. We get a fascinating insight into the life of the ordinary British soldier not all saint and not all sinner A thoroughly good read which I cannot recommend too highly.
Frontline Books, Pen & Sword Ltd., 2011

Reviewed : 2016-06-07 19:25:08