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Welcome to Clash of Steel

Featured battle : Pleasant Hill

Part of American Civil War

Date : 09 April 1864

After they had been "most gloriously flogged" the previous day at Sabine Crossroads and fallen back to Pleasant Hill, the Union army under Banks was given heart by the 2 veteran divisions under A.J.Smith formed up there ready to fight. Taylor was keen to repeat his victory of yesterday, and came on with speed, attempting another centre and flank attack to again break the line, but Smith's veterans held and counter-attacked the extended Confederate line turning defeat into victory for the Union. That night both sides withdrew.

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Towton - Lord Dacre's Tomb

Towton - Lord Dacre's Tomb

The grave of Lord Dacre who was killed fighting for the Lancastrians at the Battle of Towton. He is said to be buried in a standing position along with his horse.

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Grouchy's Waterloo

Andrew W. Field
Very early on in this book the author endeared himself to me with two statements. On page 6 he expresses his intention not to name any places without including them on a map. As one who hates having to read with a map open by my side I applaud this notion in spite of the fact that he doesn't always succeed in mapping every place all though the book. On page 12 he refers readers elsewhere for the lead up to Waterloo stating that there is to a plethora of fine books on the subject. Again I was both surprised and pleased to find a 'Waterloo' book that did not start with Napoleon's escape from Elba. The book is written from a factual rather than a judgmental position with many insertions of contemporary and post event quotations from reports and diaries. However the last chapter 'Analysis and Conclusions' , where he does discuss the key controversies, is particularly worthy of note. My overall opinion is that the research has been thorough, the style of writing clear and lucid with many maps and illustrations. A book not to be put down until it is finished. Very highly recommended.
Pen & Sword Military. Pen & Sword \Books \Ltd., 2017

Reviewed : 2017-06-26 15:48:11