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St Catherines Fort, Tenby

The view from the south cliff
A close-up of the main entrance on the west side
The southern face of the fort from the south west
The fort from the beach to the north west


One of the defences built in the 1860's to protect the Welsh Pembrokshire coast from the threat of French invasion. It is built on a rocky outcrop to the east of the small town of Tenby. It has gun embrasures down both the northern and southern sides, with large, circular, corner emplacements at each of the seaward, eastern corners for guns on the roof.
It saw no action, and was eventually decommissioned and sold off. It has since been used, unsuccessfully for a number of purposes, the strangest being a zoo, and is now unused but still in private hands.


Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales. August 2004

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