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British 25 pounder Gun and Morris C8 Quad Tractor

The 25 pounder gun in its deployed position
The 25 pounder showing breech and gunners position
The Morris C8 Quad


These images show a 25 pounder gun with it's tractor, the Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) known as the Quad in WW2 colours. The Morris Quad was based on a pre-war 4x4 and continued inservice along with the 25lbr through the Second World War and the Korean War. It measures 4.5m long, 2.2 m wide and 2.28m tall and was shorter and more manouverable than the Model 1935 6x4 Morris Commercial CDSW FA Tractor it replaced.


The Wheels and Wings 2006 event, Yorkshire Air Museum, York, UK. May 2006.

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