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German WW2 Vehicles - Motorcycle/sidecar combo & VW-166 Schwimmwagen

The motorbike and sidecar with the Schwimmwagen al
The motorbike and sidecar
A close-up of the MG34 mounted in the sidecar


A pair of vehicles maintained by the 21st Panzer Division re-enactment group. The first is a representation of a KS750 Zundapp Motorbike and side car mounting an MG 34 light machine gun in the sidecar. Zundapp produced around 18,000 of these agile, powerful and effective machines during the war for the Wehrmacht. In practice, this example is probably a modified Cossack Ural M67.

The second is the VolksWagen model 166 Schwimmwagen amphibious vehicle. It was based on the Kubelwagen and could reach 80km/h on-road but could also float and make its way through the water by means of a propeller unit lowered from the rear.
Both are painted in North Africa colours.


The Wheels and Wings 2006 event, Yorkshire Air Museum, York, UK. May 2006.

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