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A German Marder III Tank-Hunter

The Marder from the front
A rear-quarter view of the Marder
A Head-on view


This Marder III Ausf-H is run by the 21st Panzer Division re-enactment group ans is depicted in the desert colours of the Afrika Korps of 1943. It was armed with a 75mm PaK 40/3 anti-tank gun and a Czech 7.92 MG37 machine-gun in the front hull.
The variant was different from other Marders as the engine was mounted aft with the fighting compartment further forward but in common with others of it's type, the open top and rear meant the crew was vulnerable to artillery and in urban warfare. It's armour was quite thin but it could destroy most light or medium tanks it was pitted against.


The Wheels and Wings 2006 event, Yorkshire Air Museum, York, UK. May 2006.

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