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British MOBAT anti-tank weapon

View from rear-right, showing the dropped (open) b
View from read-left showing also some accessories


An artillery piece looked after by members of the 20th Century Revisited group. It was a prominent infantry fire support weapon from the 1960's.

It was a 120mm recoilless rifle and had a range of between 800 and 1000 yards. It fired a HESH round which was pretty effective against most tanks of the period but was heavy and had an immense back-blast which could quickly give away it's position, as well as being hazardous to it users. It could be towed behind an Austin Champ, or Land Rover.

It was a lighter weight development of the BAT weapon which had a protective screen for the gun-team, and was phased out in favour of the later WOMBAT which was of magnesium construction and much lighter.

Displayed by the 20th Century Revisited group.


History at Murton - Murton Park, York, England. April 2008

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