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British Light anti-armour weapons


A display of 2 light anti-armour weapons used by the British Army in the 1970's and 80's.

The larger of the two is the Carl-Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle shown sitting on it's bipod mount. Also shown are examples of it's armour-piercing rounds.

In the foreground, there's a 66mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon or LAW used by the British up until the late 1980's and known in the US as the M72 LAW. It was a one-shot weapon made of fibre-glass and would be extended, telescope-style, fired from the shoulder then discarded. It is shown here in it's closed mode.

Displayed by the Forces80 re-enactment group.


History at Murton - Murton Park, York, England. April 2008

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