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Images relating to the Napoleonic Wars

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A set of Coatees and Infantry officer's hat as used by the 96th Regiment. From left to right they date from 1796-1816, a short-tailed coat from 1812, and 1829-54.
The Museum of Manchester's Regiment, Ashton-under-Lyne, UK. March 2004

Shown here are a pair of muskets used by the 96th Regiment during the 19th Century. On the left is the classic 'Brown Bess' smooth-bore flintlock musket used by the British in various forms from the 1720's into the 1840's. It had a .75inch calibre. O...
The Museum of Manchester's Regiment, Ashton-under-Lyne, UK. March 2004

An British Officer's Shako and epaulette from the 14th Regiment worn at the Battle of Waterloo
The Regimental Museum of the Royal Dragoon Guards & The Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire. 2

A monument to the Duke of Wellington at Hyde Park, outside his former home, Apsley House. The memorial is surrounded by 4 figures depicting four regiments he was associated with during his military career.
Hyde Park, London, England. June 2005

A close-up of one of the Victory's 68-pounder carronade guns (reproduction) mounted on the forecastle. The shot garland with 2 68 pound round shot can be seen to the right.
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

A view of the middle gundeck of the Victory, showing the cramped conditions in which the crew would have had to fight the huge 24-pounder cannon currently run out.
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

Victory's port side showing the broadside, and the steep curves of her tumblehome.
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

A good view of her stern gallery, showing the beautifully ornate woodwork with which she was decorated, but also giving some idea of her size
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

Detail of the Victory's prow showing the crest figurehead.
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

A section of the Quarterdeck showing, in the foreground (and in the detail picture), a brass plaque marking the point where admiral Nelson fell during the Battle of Trafalgar to musket fire from the Redoutable. He died later, on the orlop deck with t...
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

This column, at the top of Picton Terrace in Carmarthen, Wales, was errected to commemorate General Sir Thomas Picton, (August, 1758 - June 18, 1815) who led the 'Fighting' 3rd Division of the Duke of Wellington's troops during the Penninsular War an...
Carmarthen, Wales. August 2004

This image of the classic Baker Rifle of the British Rifle regiments during the Napoleonic Wars also shows its sword bayonet and powder flask. It had a 0.625 in (15.9 mm) calliber and a quoted range of 200 yards (more than twice that of the standard ...
Taken at the York Castle Museum, York, England, 2003