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Battle Name : Meggido

Date(s) : 19 September 1918 - 21 September 1918

Part of : First World War , The Palestine & Sinai Front ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between British & Allied Forces and Turkish and German forces

Type of battle : Land


In one of the finest operations of the war, Allenby laid elaborate deception on top of arial supremacy to convince the Turks that no attack was coming. The British left flank then smashed and crushed the Turkish right flank on the coastal Palastinian strip. The breakthrough was then fully exploited by a fast and efficient cavalry advance and the infantry wheeling right and rolling up the Turkish positions, west to east. Within the 3 days the Turkish 8th Army effectively ceased to exist, the 7th was in rout and taking the 4th along with it.

The following month saw a relentless pursuit which forced the Turks to sue for peace.