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Siege of Port Arthur

Battle Name : Siege of Port Arthur

Date(s) : 01 August 1904 - 02 January 1905

Part of : Russo-Japanese War ,

Outcome : A victory for Imperial Japanese Army over Russian Imperial Army


The Japanese Army attacked then laid siege to the important Russian sea-base of Port Arthur where the Pacific Fleet was stationed. The over-estimated the ease with which the position could be taken and suffered heavy casualties, but once the heights overlooking the town were taken, the Japanese could use heavy artillery to sink the ships in the bay and destroy the Fleet. Once the fleet was gone, Maj-Gen Stoessel saw now point in holding out (even though he possessed plenty of stores) and surrendered.

The siege pre-figured the coming world war, in that it saw the use of heavy artillery, trench warfare and barbed-wire entanglements, and machine guns.