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The Monongahela

Battle Name : The Monongahela

Date(s) : 09 July 1755

Part of : The French and Indian War ,

Outcome : A victory for French and Indian troops over British and Colonial forces

Type of battle : Land


2 British regular regiments and colonial volunteers under Maj.Gen Braddock advanced through the lands of the Ohio basin to attack the French outpost of Fort Duquesne where the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers met. On the 9th, they were ambushed and routed by a smaller force of French and Indians who used skirmishing in the dense forrest and aimed firing from cover, whereas the British stuck to their rigid, and easily targeted, lines with volley fire. More than half of Braddock's force, including himself, were killed. The rest fled in panic back the way they had come. A young volunteer colonel, George Washington, who was among the survivors led the remains back to Virginia.