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Moores Creek Bridge

Battle Name : Moores Creek Bridge

Date(s) : 27 February 1776

Part of : American War of Independence ,

Outcome : A victory for American patriot troops over Highlanders and Loyalist troops

Type of battle : Land


A force of mainly highlanders raised from the interior of North Carolina with some loyalists sent from New York, under Donald MacDonald, and Donald McLeod attempted to move on Wilmington by out-manouvering a force of rebels/patriots under James Moore. Moores' forces were split while trying to chase the highlanders, who then marched around the main body to attack a smaller party holding a bridge over Moore's Creek. Notified of their approach, the force under Caswell partially dismantled the bridge and greased the rest. When the Loyalists arrived and sent a party across the bridge they were cut down by musketry and canister. The Loyalists withdrew.


A bridge over the stream of Moore's Creek, North Carolina, USA (USA)