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Battle Name : Mudki

Date(s) : 18 December 1845

Part of : British Victorian Colonial 'Small Wars' , The 1st Sikh War ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between British & East India Company Forces and Sikh Khalsa Army

Type of battle : Land


Elements of the Khalsa Army under Tej Singh surprised Sir Hugh Gough's column approaching the Sutlej. In an engagement fought in late afternoon and during the night, a confused but hotly contested battle the British and native forces fought with bayonet as the Sikh gunners stood by their pieces. Casualties were high on both sides but the Sikh's retired on fortified positions at Ferozeshah where Gough followed and gave battle again. Among others, General Sir Robert 'Fighting Bob' Sale of Jallalabad was killed.

Casualty figures

British & East India Company Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
872 (7.27%)

Sikh Khalsa Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :