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Battle Name : Muottental

Date(s) : 30 September 1799 - 01 October 1799

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , French War of the Second Coalition ,

Outcome : A victory for Russian forces over French Forces

Type of battle : Land


Suvorov was trapped in the Muotta valley faced by Massen's French army of the Danube. Outnumbered on day one by 8,000 to 4,000 and on day two by 15,000 to 7,000 and without artillery the Russians resorted to repeated bayonet charges which finally broke through the French lines. This holding action, while Bagration broke through the Klöntal, turned into a significant victory.


A valley in central Switzerland which runs northwest towards the Vierwaldstätter over a mountainous watershed from the river Linth. (Switzerland)

Casualty figures

French Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
3,670 (24.47%)

Russian forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :