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Battle Name : Neisse

Date(s) : 23 February 1807 - 16 June 1807

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , French War of the Fourth Coalition , Napoleon's Eylau-Friedland Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for French Forces [Grande Armee] over Prussian Garrison

Type of battle : Land, Seige


The task of subduing this Prussian fortress was given to the W├╝rttemberg Division of Vandamme's X Corps. The fortress was undermanned having only half of its design complement but the Prussians put up a strong spirited defence. Two thousand of them died of sickness or were killed during the four months. On its surrender the men became prisoners, the officers released on parole except for ten of them who were permitted to rejoin their army immediately as a mark of respect for their actions.


A fortress in Prussian Silesia [now Poland] on the river Glatze Neisse [now Nysa Klodzka] 29 miles southwest of Oppeln [now Opole]. (Poland)

Casualty figures

French Forces [Grande Armee]

Number engaged :

Casualties :
200 (3.33%)

Prussian Garrison

Number engaged :

Casualties :
6,124 (100.00%)