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Battle Name : Netstall

Date(s) : 01 October 1799

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , French War of the Second Coalition ,

Outcome : A victory for Coalition Forces [Austro-Russian] over French Forces

Type of battle : Land


Another change of direction by the Austro-Russians to break out of the French trap. While Rosenberg held at Muottental Suvorov had Bagration command the advanced guard in a surprise night attack to break out eastwards back into the Linth valley. This very successful manoeuvre was completed by Rosenberg fooling Massena into allowing him a 12 hour start to retreat over the Pragel pass.
The battered Russian army assembled on the 4th October and withdrew southwards.


A village in central Switzerland in the valley of the Linth river between the Walensee and Glarus. (Switzerland)

Casualty figures

French Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
746 (7.46%)

Coalition Forces [Austro-Russian]

Number engaged :

Casualties :
2,100 (36.21%)