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off Goodwin 1666

Battle Name : off Goodwin 1666

Date(s) : 01 June 1666 - 04 June 1666

Part of : Anglo-Dutch War, Second ,

Outcome : A victory for Dutch Fleet over English Fleet

Type of battle : Sea


Joint command of the English Fleet was given to Prince Rupert and the Duke of Albemarle. The Prince took twenty of the eighty ships and went in search of a French fleet reported to be coming to the aid of the Dutch. At dawn on the 1st the Duke of Albemarle sighted the Dutch fleet, of eighty ships, at anchor to leeward of his fleet. He immediately weighed and bore down on the Dutch. The fight went on all day, the fleets only separating as darkness fell. The Dutch had the best of the first day. On the 2nd it was just after noon when the action was renewed and again serious losses occurred on both sides. Night again separated the fleets.
On the 3rd the wind shifted to the east and the Dutch were reinforced with sixteen fresh ships. They now had the weather gage and the English retreated before them. During the course of the pursuit Prince Rupert's squadron rejoined the fleet. It was not until 1700hrs that the Dutch finally caught up with the English and the action was resumed. The English lost more than the Dutch and action was again broken off at nightfall.
On the 4th after a few hours of fighting the English were again getting the worst so they retreated. The Dutch did not follow but returned to their own harbour elated with the victory.


Eastern end of the English Channel, initially just off the Goodwin Sands. (English Channel)