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Battle Name : Omdurman

Date(s) : 01 September 1898

Part of : British Reconquest of the Sudan ,

Outcome : A victory for British Egyptian army over Mahdist/Dervish Army

Type of battle : Land


Under Major-General Kitchener the Anglo-Egyptian army of 25,000 men met the Dervish army, over 50,000 men, near their capital Omdurman. Artillery, maxim machine guns and bolt action rifles stopped the Dervishers in their tracks. Subsequent actions by the 21st Lancers and later the rearguard of Kitchener's main force destroyed the Dervish army. The Anglo-Egyptians lost 500 men; the Dervishers lost 25,000 in killed, wounded and captured.


Around the Dervish city/camp of Omdurman, across the Nile from Khartoum in the Sudan, southern Egypt. (Egypt)