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Operation 'Overlord'

Battle Name : Operation 'Overlord'

Date(s) : 06 June 1944 - 24 July 1944

Part of : Second World War , North-West Europe , Normandy Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for Allied Forces over German Forces

Type of battle : Land


Starting with 'D-Day', this was the Allied invasion of North West Europe starting with beach and paratroop landings in Normandy, France.
The biggest amphibious assault landing in history began with US and British paratroopers being dropped into the Norman hinterland. Gen. Bradley's US 1st Army landed at two north Normandy beaches code named Utah and Omaha near Carentan and Gen. Sir Miles Dempsey's British and Canadian 2nd Army landed further east on three beaches code named Gold, Juno and Sword near Arromanches. Massive air and naval support enabled a narrow bridgehead to be established and while resistance was fierce, Rommel was prevented from using his Panzer reserves as he wished (Hitler was sure the main invasion was to come from Calais) and by July, the whole of the peninsula had fallen

Casualty figures

Allied Forces

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German Forces

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