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Battle Name : Pantelleria

Date(s) : 20 May 1943 - 11 June 1943

Part of : Second World War , Southern Europe , Sicily ,

Type of battle : Land


The island of Pantelleria lying about 100 miles to the south west of Sicily was a very large 'aircraft carrier'. For their attack on Sicily the Allies needed to both deny it to the Axis and use it themselves. An air bombardment was begun on the 20th May and increased in intensity until the 11 June. At various time during the bombardment the island commander was invited to surrender. On the 11th June the British 1st Div. were landed under cover of Naval gunfire and a bombing attack. Very little resistance was encountered and before the troops had moved off the beach the white flag was raised.


The island of Pantelleria lies in the Straits of Sicily about 46 miles E. from the nearest point of the North African coast and about 90 miles SW. from Sicily. Lat: 36degrees 45 mins N, Long: 12 degrees E. (Italy)