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Petersburg, the Battle of

Battle Name : Petersburg, the Battle of

Date(s) : 15 June 1864 - 18 June 1864

Part of : American Civil War , Eastern Theatre, 1864 , Petersburg Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for American Confederate Forces over American Union Forces

Type of battle : Land


While General Lee was drawn up on the old Seven Days battlefield near Malvern Hill expecting Grant to Launch an attack on Richmond, Grant was in fact crossing the James River further south, and sent Butler with the Army of the James to seize Petersburg. This they failed to do, launching piecemeal attacks which were beaten off by the defenders. Beauregard rushed all available reinforcements to the city, and before Grant was able to attack with his full strength, Lee had arrived and dug in. The seige of Petersburg had begun.

Casualty figures

American Union Forces

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American Confederate Forces

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