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Riga, Siege 1700

Battle Name : Riga, Siege 1700

Date(s) : 01 February 1700 - 20 October 1700

Part of : Second or Great Northern War ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between Saxon Troops and Riga Garrison

Type of battle : Land


The Saxon army invaded Livonia and laid siege to the fortress of Riga. Augustus, King of Poland, did not join his Saxon army until July. The siege was ineffective, in March counter attacks by the Swedes killed General Carlowitz, Saxon commander of the siege. Augustus finally ordered a withdrawal into winter quarters before the end of October 1700.


City of Riga approximately 5 miles inland from the Gulf of Riga, on the Eastern side of the Baltic sea.

Casualty figures

Saxon Troops

Number engaged :

Casualties :

Riga Garrison

Number engaged :

Casualties :