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Rome's Civil War Second Triumvirate

War Name : Rome's Civil War Second Triumvirate

Date(s) : 43 bc - 31 bc


After the murder of Julius Ceasar, Rome was ruled by a triumvirate. The two leading members, Octavian and Antony, struggled for supremacy. Antony allied himself with Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. They advance towards Italy with a large land and naval force and established a forward base at Actium on the Adriatic coast of Greece. Antony recognized that any landing on the Italian mainland would be seen as an invasion by a foreign power. He had to wait for Octavian to come to him. For two months, while Antony's situation deteriorated, Octavian, whose men were in entrenched positions, did not offer battle. The situation at sea was no better for Antony as his supply line to the Peloponnese were cut.
The battle of Actium switched the balance of power distinctly in Octavian's favour and his successful invasion of Egypt ended the war.

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