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Battle Name : Rumani

Date(s) : 03 August 1916 - 05 August 1916

Part of : First World War , The Palestine & Sinai Front ,

Outcome : A victory for British & Allied Forces over Turkish and German forces

Type of battle : Land


The Turkish under German Gen. Von Kressenstein made a surprise attack on the British-held Sinai railhead but were thrown back with loss.

In their second attempt to seize the Suez Canal the Turkish forces advancing from El Arish in July 1916 took the oasis of Oghratina and prepared an assault on the British and ANZAC forces around the railhead at Rumani. The attack mounted on 3rd August led on 4th August to the Turks collapsing and the following day withdrawing with a number of their troops surrendering


Rumani approx 20 miles NE of Ismailia, Egypt. (Egypt)

More details

Murray expecting an attack from the south placed the 52nd Div around the Rumani rail head and posted the Anzac Mounted Division on his right flank covering the approach from the south. On the night of August 3rd a Turkish force about 8,000 strong tried to bounce the 2nd (Australian) Light Horse Brigade returning from a day recce and were stopped by the 1st Light Horse covering the British right flank. The 2nd Light Horse were turned about and held their positions preventing a further outflanking attempt by the Turks.

General Lawrence the North Suez Sector Commander realising that the Turks were committed to a major effort instructed General Chauvel the Commander of the Anzac Mounted Division to turn the Turks flank which together with heavy support from the horse artillery and gunners of the 52nd Division brought the attack to a halt and caused many Turks to surrender. The Turks retreated on the village of Katieh along the coast where they suffered further casualties forcing them to retire to El Arish. The major brunt of the attack and the counter was born by the Anzac Mounted Division.

Previous to the Battle of Rumani the 1st Australian Light Horse had been in action against the Sennussi, supporting the Turks, in the Western Desert.

Casualty figures

British & Allied Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :

Turkish and German forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
5,000 (33.33%)