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Seacroft Moor

Battle Name : Seacroft Moor

Date(s) : 30 March 1643

Part of : The Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms , The 1st English Civil War ,

Outcome : A victory for Royalist Forces over Parliamentarian Forces

Type of battle : Land


Sir Thomas Fairfax's worst defeat at the hands of Lord Goring, as Lord Fairfax's rearguard was attacked and routed by royalist cavalry from York.


3 miles east (in the present suburbs) of Leeds, West Yorkshire. (England)

More details

Lord Fairfax, at Selby decided to fall back into the defences of Leeds since their position was very exposed. His son, Sir Thomas Fairfax was sent forward with a small force to Tadcaster to cover the retreat.

The Earl of Newcastle in York was curious, and sent Lord George Goring with horse to investigate.

After leaving Tadcaster and burning the works and bridges, Sir Thomas began to fall back on Leeds. He had to cover the open area of Bramham Moor and although he had only 3 troops of horse against 20 with Goring, the Parliamentary foot maintained good discipline as they crossed the moor, and the royalists were content to follow.

As they moved into the smaller Seacroft Moor the parliamentarian foot began to relax and the order began to break down. It was at this point that Goring unleashed his cavalry and fell on their rear and flank. The roundhead foot threw down their arms and fled, 200 falling, and 800 being taken, with the horse and Fairfax narrowly escaping.

Casualty figures

Royalist Forces

Number engaged :

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Parliamentarian Forces

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