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Battle Name : Selby

Date(s) : 10 April 1644

Part of : The Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms , The 1st English Civil War ,

Outcome : A victory for Parliamentarian Forces over Royalist Forces

Type of battle : Land


Knowing the Parliamentarians under Lord Fairfax were in the area, John Belasyse led a force to blockade the town of Selby, and important crossing point of the Ouse between York and Hull. The town was well barricaded so Fairfax took the risky option of spliting his forces to assault the town from three different points at the same time. Col.Needham's and Sir John Meldrum's forces were held at the barricades, but Sir Thomas Fairfax's force attacking from the east along the river (Ousegate) broke through and resistance collapsed. Escape was impossible and the majority of the Royalists were captured. The way was now clear to York.


The town of Selby, South Yorshire, England. (England)