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The Siege of Paris

Battle Name : The Siege of Paris

Date(s) : 19 September 1870 - 28 January 1871

Part of : Franco-Prussian War ,

Outcome : A victory for Prussian and allied German Army over French Army, Guard Nationale, and Guard Mobile

Type of battle : Land, Seige


After the Prussians had isolated Bazaine in Metz, and utterly defeated Ducrot and Wimpffen at Sedan, von Moltke surrounded and invested Paris. The siege was characterised not by great military endeavours on either side, but by methodical investment on the German side, and political turmoil and infighting (and much suffering to the ordinary Parisians) on the French side. The French leader, General Trochu, launched several major sorties ( Nov 29-30, Dec 21, Jan 19) gaining some initial success but eventually all were thrown back and the French Gardes Nationales proved mutinous, political and even fired on their own countrymen. Finally starvation and dispair led Trochu to ask for an armistice and to discuss terms.


Around and within the French capital. (France)