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Solebay 1672

Battle Name : Solebay 1672

Date(s) : 28 May 1672

Part of : Anglo-Dutch War, Third ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between English/French Fleet and Dutch Fleet

Type of battle : Sea


A combined fleet of about 90 English ships and Thirty French ships were at anchor in Sole Bay. The Dutch fleet of '75 large ships and 40 frigates' came upon the combined fleet at 0800 hrs. The Dutch immediately attacked and some of the combined fleet had to cut their cables to prepare for action quickly enough. The French took the first attack, fought for awhile then left the battle. The English took a lot of punishment before their squadrons were united then the battle raged until evening.
The two fleets parted 'as if by mutual consent' both having suffered severely neither pursued the other.
Losses were about equal on both sides.


Southern North Sea initially in Sole Bay. (North Sea)