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Southern France

Campaign Name : Southern France

Date(s) : 15 August 1944 - 11 September 1944

Part of : Second World War , Southern Europe ,


Landings in the South of France were originally planned to complement operation Overlord but transport problems caused them to be postponed until the 15th August. Well supported by air and naval bombardment the assault was mounted by the US 7th Army and four French Divs. Landings took place between Cannes and Hyeres. Only one, the 11th Panzer, of the eight German Divs.defending this territory was of high quality. The French moved westwards to liberate the ports of Toulon and Marseilles. The main Allied thrust was northwards with the Germans conducting a fighting retreat ahead of them. On the 11th Sept. the link was made with the US 3rd Army near Dijon.