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Spanish Armada

Battle Name : Spanish Armada

Date(s) : 29 August 1588 - 08 September 1588

Part of : Anglo-Spanish War ,

Outcome : A victory for English Fleet over Spanish Armada

Type of battle : Land


In order to invade England Philip of Spain needed to transport his army from the Netherlands across the English Channel. He assembled an armada of ships, under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia, most of which were transports/supply vessels and with an escort of warships sailed up the Channel.
The English fleet harried but did no serious harm until the Armada anchored at Calais. Here fire-ships were sent in and the Spaniards were scattered. English action and the wind ensured that the Armada never regained its composure. The victory owed as much to the weather as to English action but the tactics employed displayed in embryo form the future course of naval warfare.


A 'running' battle along the English Channel from Plymouth eastwards to the southern area of the North Sea.Some covering pursuit continued northwards as far as the Firth of Forth. (English Channel)