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Talana Hill

Battle Name : Talana Hill

Date(s) : 20 October 1899

Part of : The 2nd Boer War (or Three Years War) ,

Outcome : A victory for British Colonial forces over Boer (Transvaal) forces

Type of battle : Land


A costly British victory against mobile Boer forces moving into northern Natal.

The Boers were dislodged from the top of Talana Hill by Colonial troops sent north from Ladysmith to protect Dundee and the rail network.

General Symons was killed in the fromtal assault, and a large contingent of cavalry pursuing the withdrawing Boers were captured when they ran into an ambush.


A hill 3 mile north of the town of Dundee, Natal, South Africa. (South Africa)

Casualty figures

British Colonial forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :

Boer (Transvaal) forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :