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Tamerlane's Conquests

War Name : Tamerlane's Conquests

Date(s) : 1360 - 1405


Tamerlane is the Anglisized form of Timur Leng [Timur the Lame]. He was a Turk but his approach to military matters was inherited from Ghengis Khan. As senior offical to the White Horde he diredted the conquest of Uzbekistan and Turkestan. In 1369 he was supreme leader of the Turkish tribes. He subdued Persia 1387, Georgia and Azerbaijan 1392. He invaded India and ravaged Delhi. He carried his treasures back to Samarkand. He took Baghdad, Damascus and Aleppo by 1400. Invading the Ottoman empire he defeated Sultan Bayazid II . He was planning the invasion of China but died en route in 1405.

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