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Battle Name : Thames

Date(s) : 07 June 1667 - 02 August 1667

Part of : Anglo-Dutch War, Second ,

Outcome : A victory for Dutch Fleet over English Fleet

Type of battle : Sea


Because of Charles ll policy few English warships had crews or were ready for sea. On the 7th June De Ruyter with a fleet of sixty warships, some troop transports and a number of fire-ships anchored in the mouth of the Thames. They effectively blockaded the Thames. From there the Dutch advanced up the main river as far as Tilbury, capturing ships, sinking ships and destroying land fortifications. They advanced up the river Medway as far as Chatham, among the ships they destroyed were three major warships a fourth, The Royal Charles, they took.
The engagement ended about the 2nd August when the Treaty of Breda brought an end to the war.


Estuary of the River Thames, up the main river as far as Tilbury and up the Medway as far as Chatham. (England)