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War of the Confessor's Succession

War Name : War of the Confessor's Succession

Date(s) : 05 January 1066 - 25 December 1066


On the death of Edward the Confessor, 5th January 1066, Three claims to the English throne were made.
Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, was elected by the Witan to be their king.
Harald Hardrada, King of Norway, had a complex and very weak claim but a great deal of determination.
William, Duke of Normandy, had both a blood claim as cousin to Edward the Confessor, and an oath, albeit extracted under duress, promising the support of Harold Godwinson.
Harold was in possession of the country and the wind which held William in port brought Harald. With a change in the wind came a change of aggressor.
Both Harald and Harold were killed in battle, William became the first Norman king.

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