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Battle of Boshof

Battle Name : Battle of Boshof

Date(s) : 05 April 1900

Part of : The 2nd Boer War (or Three Years War) ,

Outcome : A victory for British Colonial forces over Boer Republican forces + foreign volunteers

Type of battle : Land


A British column led by Lord Methuen surprise and defeat a small composite force of burghers and foreign volunteers led by the Comte de Villebois-Mareuil.


Tweefontein, near Boshof, Orange Free State (South Africa) (South Africa)

More details

De Villebois-Mareuil, with about 75 foreign volunteers and 11 burghers, is surprised by Methuen at Tweefontein, near Boshof. Although Methuen has 750 men and 4 field-guns, De Villebois-Mareuil absolutely refuses to retreat. The burghers see the hopelessness of the situation and fight their way out, leaving De Villebois-Mareuil and the foreign volunteers to make a gallant but pointless last stand. De Villebois-Mareuil is killed and the surviving volunteers surrender just as the thunderstorm that could have covered their retreat breaks loose.

Reference: 'The Anglo-Boer War: a chronology' by P.G. Cloete.

[Entry provided by Chris Smith of the Heilbron Commando - see Links]

Casualty figures

Boer Republican forces + foreign volunteers

Number engaged :

Casualties :
69 (80.23%)

British Colonial forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
13 (1.73%)