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Battle Name : Belmont

Date(s) : 23 November 1899

Part of : The 2nd Boer War (or Three Years War) ,

Outcome : A victory for British 1st Division over Boer (Free State) forces

Type of battle : Land


After Gen. Methuen crossed the Orange river he encountered a force under Gen. Prinsloo in a good position threatening the railway. He had to dislodge them but lacked intelligence or accurate maps. The short and bloody engagement which followed dissolved into a simple slog to take two hills, and kill the enemy, but as was to become the pattern, as the British reached the objective, the Prinsloo and his men were already riding away across the veldt.

Casualty figures

British 1st Division

Number engaged :

Casualties :
298 (3.73%)

Boer (Free State) forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :