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Battle Name : Alesia

Date(s) : 25 July 0052 bc - 30 October 0052 bc (estimated date)

Part of : Caesar's Gallic Wars 58-51bc ,

Outcome : A victory for Gauls over Roman Legions

Type of battle : Land, Seige


Vercingetorix with 90,000 men fortified themselves in the town of Alesia and called the tribes of Gaul to his aid. Caesar attacked the town, driving the Gauls back then he built 2 sets of walls and seige fortifications for 14 miles around the high ground both to fence in the Gauls and to protect the Romans from the approaching relief army of quarter of a million Gauls. The Romans were well provisioned and fought hard on both sides of the walls, preventing the Gauls from coordinating their attacks to cause a breach. Soon conditions inside the town with so many to feed became desperate. When no breakout was achieved, and to save his people, Vercingetorix surrendered and the uprising was broken.


The fortified mountain-top town of Alesia, modern day Alise-Ste-Reine on mount Auxois near the source of the river Seine, France. (France)

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Roman Legions

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