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Cadiz 1596

Battle Name : Cadiz 1596

Date(s) : 21 June 1596 - 05 July 1596

Part of : Anglo-Spanish War ,

Outcome : A victory for English Fleet over Spanish Defenders

Type of battle : Land, Sea


Fearing a repeat of the Armada an expedition was sent to destroy Spanish ships preparing in the port of Cadiz. The English fleet, commanded by Lord Howard, consisted of 126 ships in total including troop transports. The soldiers were under the command of the Earl of Essex. The attack was a surprise the soldiers took the town and its fortifications and the fleet either captured or destroyed a total of forty Spanish ships.The fortifications were destroyed and the harbour blocked with sunken vessels.
The fleet sailed from Cadiz on the 5th July 1596


The port of Cadiz on the Atlantic seaboard of Spain. (Spain)