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Chalgrove Field

Battle Name : Chalgrove Field

Date(s) : 18 June 1643

Part of : The Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms , The 1st English Civil War ,

Outcome : A victory for Royalist Forces over Parliamentarian Forces

Type of battle : Land


Prince Rupert, after leading 3 regiments of horse accompanied by some dragoons and foot on a raiding mission close to Essex's forces, successfully fought a rearguard action to prevent Parliamentarian horse overcoming his infantry.


Near Chalgrove Village, 8 miles south-east of Oxford, England.

More details

The Parliamentarians, under Sir Phillip Stapleton, with approximately 1,000 troops were attempting to intercept a force Royalist cavalry, under Prince Rupert with 1,00 cavalry, 350 dragoons and 500 infantry, which was returning to Oxford after a raid. Rupert ambushed his pursuers, and then charged and routed them.

Casualties were moderate on both sides, although the Parliamentarians suffered the greater loss, including one of their most important leaders, John Hampden, who was mortally wounded.

[Additional details supplied by Chris Auckland of Thomas Wentworths Regiment of the Sealed Knot]