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Chattanooga - Missionary Ridge

Battle Name : Chattanooga - Missionary Ridge

Date(s) : 24 November 1863 - 25 November 1863

Part of : American Civil War , Western Theatre, 1863 ,

Outcome : A victory for American Union Forces over American Confederate Forces

Type of battle : Land


Grants plan to take Missionary Ridge formed the second phase of the battle (see Lookout Mountain).

Thomas's Army of the Cumberland was still badly shaken after their rough handling at Chickamauga so they were placed opposite the Confederate centre to make demonstrations and prevent reinforcement of the flanks. Here it was that the main fight was to take place. Sherman's weary troops were to attack the confederate right while Hooker was to advance from Lookout to attack the left flank of the ridge.

On the 24th, Shermans troops took the position they were aimed at, only to find it not part of the ridge at all but a separate spur. The following day a spirited defence by Bragg's finest division under Cleburne held them back. Hookers attack on the 25th was delayed by broken bridges, so Thomas was sent to make a limited attack on the first of the confederate's three central defensive lines. With something to prove to both themselves and their comrades, Thomas' four divisions swept over this first line, rebel skirmishers falling back to the second defences. They didn't stop, however, and not liking their chances in the open exposed to fire from above kept after the retreating troops. This thoroughly confused, and panicked, the defenders who broke and fled. Only a stout rearguard action by Cleburne stopped closer pursuit.


The seven mile, north-south ridge east of Chattanooga, Tenessee, USA. (USA)