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Battle Name : Colioure

Date(s) : 02 May 1794 - 26 May 1794

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , French War of the First Coalition ,

Outcome : A victory for French Forces over Coalition Forces [Spanish Garrison]

Type of battle : Land


The fortified town fell to the French after a determined resistance. The garrison include the émigré Legion de la Reine who escaped in fishing boats before the surrender. The remaining garrison were allowed to leave on condition that they did not fight against France for the remainder of the war.


A fortified French town close to the Mediterranean coast and the Franco-Spanish border. (France)

Casualty figures

French Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
150 (1.07%)

Coalition Forces [Spanish Garrison]

Number engaged :

Casualties :
160 (2.29%)