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Convoys PQ14-QP10

Engagement/Skirmish Name : Convoys PQ14-QP10

Date(s) : 08 April 1942 - 24 April 1942

Part of : Second World War , Atlantic Naval operations , Arctic Convoys ,


In spite of strong Naval opposition political will ordered convoys to continue although there was almost continuous daylight around the Arctic Circle. PQ14, a large convoy of 24 vessels, took a northerly route to avoid German attacks. In poor visibility heavy pack ice was encountered and many merchantmen and escorts suffered damage to hulls, propellers and rudders. Only eight merchantmen were able to continue. Of these, Empire Howard, one was hit by two torpedoes and sank. The remaining ships were 'protected' for the remainder of their voyage by fog, heavy snow showers and gale force winds. Seven merchantmen reached Kola Inlet on the 24th April 1942.