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Battle Name : Copenhagen

Date(s) : 01 April 1801 - 02 April 1801

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars ,

Outcome : A victory for British Baltic Fleet over Danish navy

Type of battle : Sea


The British Baltic fleet under Admiral Hyde Parker attacked the Danish fleet in the port of Copenhagen. He sent in Nelson's squadron of twelve line of battle ships and five frigates, two sloops and seven bomb vessels. The intense action began about 11am on the 2nd with Nelson's squadron sailing into the anchorage. The battle was very close for awhile and in the couse of it Nelson put his telscope to his blind eye and 'failed to see' Hyde Parker's signal to withdraw. At about 2.30 pm the Danish fire was very much reduced and Nelson negotiated a complete cease fire. The Danish fleet was destroyed.


The inshore waters of Copenhagen harbour in the channel known as King's Deep.