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Battle Name : Alma

Date(s) : 20 September 1854

Part of : The Crimean War ,

Outcome : A victory for British and French Forces over Russian forces

Type of battle : Land


The Russians held a strong defensive position on the South bank of the river Alma. The allies formed up with the French on the right, nearest the sea, supported by the guns of the warships. The British were on the left and centre and also covered the inland flank. The French made spectacular early gains but were not reinforced quickly enough. The British, against all text-book convention made a frontal assult. After seven hours of hard fighting the Russians retreated and the road to Sebastopol was open.


The Crimean Peninsular, west coast about 14 miles north of Sebastopol.

More details

The British and French armies began to disembark on the 14th September 1854. For the next five days they were accumulating transport and supplies until on the 19th they were ready to move off towards the city of Sebastopol. Their route south was blocked by the Russian army at the river Alma which the allies reached on the evening of the 19th.