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Battle Name : Delium

Date(s) : 01 November 0424 bc

Part of : Second [or Great] Peloponnesian War ,

Outcome : A victory for Boeotian Army over Athenian Army

Type of battle : Land


Hippocrates commanding a force of 7,000 hoplites was in retreat when he was caught by the Boeotians under Pagondas. While the Boeotians were equal in infantry they had about 1,000 cavalry and numerous light troops in excess of the Athenian numbers. A hard fought infantry battle was swung in the Boeotian's favour when a large number of cavalry appeared on the Athenian right. Fearing another army and being encircled the Athenians broke and ran. Night prevented full pursuit but the Athenians lost over 1,000 men including their commander Hippocrates.


now called Dhilesi