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Battle Name : Flodden

Date(s) : 09 September 1513

Part of : Anglo-Scottish Wars ,

Outcome : A victory for English Army over Scotish Army

Type of battle : Land


The Scottish army [probably 30,000] under King James lV were drawn up for battle on Branxton Hill, a strong defensive position. The English Northern army [probably 26,000] under the command of Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey approached to attack. Opening artillery exchanges unsettled the Scots whose left wing charged down the hill and routed the Cheshire levies which formed Surrey's right wing. The Scots centre moved forward to support the right but were held by cannon fire and archers. The English left, under Stanley, split and half of them out flanked the Scottish right. Devastating archery broke the Scots and Stanley's men moved in to attack the centre battle from the flank and rear. Scotland lost her King, twelve earls, fourteen lords, and 10,000 soldiers. English losses were in the region of 1,500 men.